The SkitchClip (TM)

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DescriptionHitch your skirt up for the ride and/or carry your keys with this handy carabiner. Simply hook it onto a belt loop (or the custom label on a Bikie Girl Comfy Flowy Skirt or Bike Date Dress). To raise the skirt hem while biking, you can hook it to the hemline or a safety pin attached to the inside of the hem (or the custom label at the hemline of a Bikie Girl Skirt or Dress). Included is a key ring that can be used to keep your house key and/or bike lock key within handy reach. Can also attach to your bike bag or purse or bike basket so you don't lose your keys while riding.

Note that a SkitchClip comes with our Comfy Flowy Skirt and with our Bike Date Dress. Only order here if you want an extra one.
Lifts skirt hem and secures it to waistband
Fun way to show off Bloomers underneath
Use it to hold bulkier skirts and dresses up and away from bicycle spokes