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DescriptionHitch your skirt up for the ride with this handy garter. Simply loop it around your skirt vertically, from hem to waist, and secure it using the decorative coconut button at one end and the buttonhole at the other. For longer, fuller skirts, excess fabric can be pulled through the loop to keep it up and away from the spokes. The black grosgrain ribbon is 7/8" wide and 18" long, and features a buttonhole at each end. The second buttonhole can be used to attach the skitch to the waistband button on your Bikie Girl Bloomers skirt. Spot clean.

Note that a Skitch comes with our Hitchable Flounce Skirt. Only order here if you want an extra one, which can be used to hitch up the other side, or to use with other skirts in your wardrobe.
Lifts skirt hem and secures it to waistband
Fun way to show off Bloomers underneath
Use it to hold bulkier skirts and dresses up and away from bicycle spokes